This design incorporates some of our favorite colors that are found in nature. Powdered glasses from seven different hues come together to create very unique and striking patterns. Though similar, each piece is unique from the interplay of colors. 

Spheres-  Small 6” Dia., Medium 9” Dia., Large 12”Dia.

Footed Bowls- Small 7” Dia., Medium 9” Dia., Large 12” Dia.


Traditional Urns- Small 12” Tall, Large 15” Tall

Cones- Small 12” Tall, Large 15”Tall

Covered Spheres- Small 11” Tall, Large 13” Tall

Covered Bowls- Small 8” Dia., Large 12” Dia.

Covered Jars with Ball Finials- 12” Tall

Covered Jars- Small 14” Tall, Large 18” Tall


Covered Footed Vessel- 20” Tall

Covered Avian Tri-Leg Vessel- 21” Tall


Please note that all measurements are approximate.