Our pendants add visual depth and a luminous warm glow to any interior and are stunning both on and off. We currently use elegant LED hardware from W.A.C. lighting. Choose from either canopy mount or use a track adapter to use with standard track fixtures. Pedants attach to tracks and canopies with a quick disconnect feature that simplifies installation and removal.


The exterior of these pendants are finished in a smooth lustrous satin surface and the rich complementing colors are inlaid with our signature Strata design. Colors are available from any combination of Tangerine, Sage Green, Lime Green, Amethyst, Ruby and Cobalt. Interior color is white.



The exterior of these pendants are also finished in a lustrous satin finish and the rich tactile pattern of our Batik design ensures that each piece is unique. A very organic pattern consisting of rich hues of topaz and coral red. Interior color is white.



Choose between Light Opal (base color is White) and Dark Opal (base color is Black).


Round Pendants are approximately 7” in diameter.

Teardrop Pendants are approximately 7”in diameter x 9” long.


Consoltation fees may be applicable.


Chandelier Multi-Point Canopies

Our new chandeliers provide a stunning decorative accent, with dual uplight and down light super high performance LED engines. Dimable down to 15%, they integrate high performance with ambient lighting. Chandelier multi-point canopies are available with 3, 6 or 12 Pendants.

We offer our Strata, Batik and Opal designs for these multi-point chandeliers.

* Iridescent glass shade on sconce hardware is for example only. We offer our Strata, Opal and Batik designs for our sconces and pendants.